Saturday, 21 February 2009

Show or Bin?

We were having a conversation on the Charmed forum the other day about projects that you just can't get right. I suggested that there should be a song for crafters called "Rip it off and start all over again" and this card is one such example. Took me ages yesterday to colour in and cut out etc and I am just not happy with it. It was a toss between binning or showing but in view of time spent I'm showing ;-) Do you bin or show??

Holly & Madison downloads coloured with Copics. Basic Gre Ambrosia papers and brads, Prima flowers.

TFL xxx


Juliet said...

Er, so what's wrong with it? I love it Karen!

Paula's ponderings said...

cant see anything wrong with it either apart from...I dont know what bffl stands for!!

Karen said...

BBFL stands for Best Friends For Life. Should have done that on the computer as it turned into a right mess. Too many brads also as I tried to put one in all the dots.

Louly said...

Oh GOD don't bin it!!!! It's flippin brilliant!I love how all the different elements are intertwined to bring it all together. That border's gorgeous.