Friday, 31 August 2007

Banner Queen

Looks like I'm fast becoming the banner queen! One of my forum members, and cyber friends, asked me if I would create a banner for her blog also. She wanted a nautical theme so lots of fishes and seagulls then. Take a look at her blog and tell me what you think :o)

Aimee and Amber asked me to do a layout featuring our fairly new guinea pig Cosmo. Now this is a pig with an attitude! Nobody tells this dude what to do! Feisty and tough he eats like a Viking who has been pillaging for months without a square meal, he necessitates a fridge so full with veggies and green stuff that the milk and butter hasn't been seen for weeks, and his daily pooping and leakage from his cute rear end has me bringing out the marigolds twice a day. The garden is cleared of all dandelions and the lawn is looking a little sparse, food is brought on a silver platter continuously, yet he wheeks at me whenever I walk by or he hears my voice, demanding more food, more food, more food, more food.........Still we love him to death and wouldn't now be without him!
Here he is sitting on his throne. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you King Cosmo – the absolute ruler of our household!!!

Aren't I the Popular One!!

Well I thought so anyway when two GORGEOUS cards arrived this morning. I made a couple of banners for my lovely cyber friends Lou and Juliet, and they each sent me a lovely thank you card. Thank you so much girls, you shouldn't have (but I'm very glad that you did :o)). I just had to share their wonderful creations with you here.
My card from Juliet

My card from Lou

Aren't they gorgeous?? :o)

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Mischievous Spirits??

Now I may come across as someone who lost her marbles in early childhood and has frantically searched high and low to regain them, but really I am quite sane (my blog banner will attest to this!) – or at least that’s what I thought until today, now I’m not so sure.

There I was happily packing the orders as every other day. I had a stack of compliment slips by the side, next to a Royal Mail sizing guide – the guide has slots and a sizing guide so that you can determine how the packet is going to be classed. I went to pick up the guide and in the process managed to knock the pile of about 40 compliment slips behind the counter. Cursing in a lady-like manner I carried on with the order I was packing, intending to pick up the slips after I had finished. Two minutes later I was ready and walked around the counter expecting to see a load of compliment slips all over the floor! Nothing, zilch, nada, nought, squat, zip, a big fat zero! NOT A SINGLE SLIP!!! Where did they go??? They really truly madly deeply dippy do HAVE disappeared! I’m not kidding you! Cross my heart and hope to die! This really has spooked me!WHERE THE HECKETY HECK DID THEY GO???
To be honest I can’t recall hearing them fall onto the floor, you know that faint rustling of paper as it lands, it was quite silent and I did think that was a little bizarre at the time. One minute they were there, the next they had gone. The only thing I can think of is that they somehow slipped into another dimension, perhaps another craft retailer there required some compliment slips and decided that mine would do very nicely thank you! Do let me know if you have another explanation!