Friday, 31 August 2007

Banner Queen

Looks like I'm fast becoming the banner queen! One of my forum members, and cyber friends, asked me if I would create a banner for her blog also. She wanted a nautical theme so lots of fishes and seagulls then. Take a look at her blog and tell me what you think :o)

Aimee and Amber asked me to do a layout featuring our fairly new guinea pig Cosmo. Now this is a pig with an attitude! Nobody tells this dude what to do! Feisty and tough he eats like a Viking who has been pillaging for months without a square meal, he necessitates a fridge so full with veggies and green stuff that the milk and butter hasn't been seen for weeks, and his daily pooping and leakage from his cute rear end has me bringing out the marigolds twice a day. The garden is cleared of all dandelions and the lawn is looking a little sparse, food is brought on a silver platter continuously, yet he wheeks at me whenever I walk by or he hears my voice, demanding more food, more food, more food, more food.........Still we love him to death and wouldn't now be without him!
Here he is sitting on his throne. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you King Cosmo – the absolute ruler of our household!!!


Rosie said...

I love this LO... and your Digi LO is stunning - what a funky style you have!! Found you via Lou's blog - cracking banner BTW!!

The Scrapfairies said...

Just wanted to daty I LOVE your blog banner, very nice.

Love Sam x