Sunday, 2 September 2007

A Trip to Godstone Farm

The summer holiday is almost over for the girls so on this final non-working day we trotted off to Godstone Farm - what better place to trot off to? Tom Tom was a tad annoying as it kept trying to direct us the wrong way, it didn't get the better of us and we outsmarted it several times by just ignoring the instructions - much to the annoyance of the lady navigator who kept telling us to turn around. It's one of those gadgets that you either love or loathe! Well sometimes I love it and other times I really do loathe it!
After we had some lunch at the “tea rooms” we roamed around the farm for some hours. Stomach first is a philosophy I always follow! There were lots of newly born animals, much to the delight of the girls. Following the close inspection of all the animals the girls wanted to go into the play barn, which has a multitude of climbing apparatus. All well and good until a little boy decided to have a poo right in the middle of the play area and proceeded to smear it all over everything – ewwwwwww, yuck yuck YUCK!! I pity the poor mother who had to go in and clean it all up in front of loads of horrified parents! We all sat and waited for her to come out of course so we could pin her embarrasment even further with our pityful stares!
We decided on a tractor ride after that, bought the tickets and walked around for a little while whilst waiting for the appropriate time. Ten minutes before the ride was due to start we returned and queued up waiting for the tractor to arrive. Unfortunately there wasn't enough room for us all so we waited another 15 minutes for it to return. Eventually we got on the darn thing and were taken on a ride at a snail’s pace right around where we had walked 30 minutes previously! That was worth queuing up for then......!

Apart from that it was a really good day. A milestone was reached when Amber actually hand-fed some of the animals. Amber is quite a fearful child, as opposed to Aimee who is totally without fear. Letting an animal actually eat from her hand was quite a feat for my little girl! YAY!

Here's a couple of digi LO's from the day.

I had a terrible "moment of truth" today. We had sat down for a little while when the girls decided to race up this rather steep little hill. I jumped up determined to beat them but when I got to the top I struggled so hard to catch my breath that I thought I would pass out! I acted as normal of course and no-one would have guessed the turmoil within! I used to be so fit! What the heck happened?? The realisation that you're as fit as a flat pancake is horrifying!


Louly said...

lol! what are you like? at least you got to the top which is probably more than I would manage. I had a similar moment this morning when I found a grey eyebrow! ARRRRGH!!!!!

Juliet said...

What a great day - the LO's are lovely and your girls are beautiful Karen. That little chick is soooooo cute.
Running.........what's that???????