Tuesday, 4 September 2007


The mozzies are out to get me again! You may remember that I posted on Charmed Craft Talk forum about some huge mosquito bites I had all over my body, well it's happening again! Over the last two nights some horrible little critter has sunk it's spikey thing into me and sucked out 5 pints of blood! It's a miracle I'm still standing! They are not like your average mozzie bite, these spread and are about 5" across! To add insult to injury the little b**t**d has gotten me twice on the face! Once on the forehead and once on the cheek!! I'm going after it with a shotgun with the lights are out!!

I have gone digi mad, and constantly scouring the Internet for graphics. I'm very much into the grungy look and get a lot of my graphics from Weeds and Wildflowers Design
I had another little play and here are a few more LO's. I love that picture of Diana so used it again here. The picture of the girls is an old old one, but I just love the way their hair form a perfect heart.


Juliet said...

Stunning - going for a look at that site RIGHT NOW!

ps Hope the bites clear up soon - nasty critters!

Mellie said...

Fab LOs Karen. You have really got the digi bug.

Louly said...

Wow! you really have the hang of this digi art don't you? They are both gorgeous but I especially like the Dianna one, it's just perfect!