Monday, 3 September 2007

Princess Diana

I once had lunch with princess Diana at the Savoy, or luncheon would be a posher word and more suited to the occasion. It was a charity event and I had been invited through my talent as a florist (another one of my incarnations). There was about 40 people there, including many famous heads, such as Christopher Lee and Sir John Mills who was the speaker – wow can that man put a speech together, he produced a right riveting listen! I had spent an absolute fortune on a gorgeous outfit by Yves St Laurent, one which I incidentally wore again for another luncheon with Princess Margaret, but that’s another story, and mingled very well with the posh crowd, thank you very much.

The layout was very much like a wedding with Princess Diana at the top table with Sir John at her side, and the guests at small round tables dotted around. When she arrived we all lined up and was introduced to her. Her cheeks were quite pink and her radiant smile greeted each and every one of us as we shook her hand.

As I actually spent this time with Diana her death was even more of a shock and I went to Kensington Palace to lay flowers in remembrance. On this 10h anniversary of her death I thought I would remember her once again and pay tribute to her glorious life.


Louly said...

Oh my! isn't that a beautiful photo!and aren't you a dark horse! luncheon with the royals ay! It sounds like she made a lasting impression with you, what a lovely memory to hold on to. She sure was a lovely lady.

Juliet said...

I agree Karen, her death was a great loss to this Country. No-one has touched the lives of so many ordinary people as she did. She was so photogenic too and that photo is beautiful. Lucky you for being able to meet her in person.

Mellie said...

Andy met her whilst he was in the Royal Navy at one of their functions.

The day she died was the day of Hannah's christening. It's one of those days as well that we'll always remember where we were when we heard. (In Andy's case changing Hannah's nappy!)

She was definitely taken much too young. This is a beautiful photo of her and a nice tribute too.