Saturday, 17 February 2007

Basic Grey!!

The new ranges from Basic Grey arrived yesterday. Out of all the products I stock Basic Grey are my firm favourites, these four new ranges did not disappoint. I was like a kid in a candy store oohing and ahhing. I'm a bit of a fibre freak and the fibres for these ranges are just so lush! We had received a huge stack of pre-orders so was packing until 10pm last night; as I had started work at 8am yesterday morning it was 14 hours of solid work - boy am I feeling it today!! I have developed a bad back which has been playing me up all week, today my wrist is also in agony and I suffered the paper cut to beat all paper cuts, right under my right index finger! It went deep man!! That hurt I gotta tell you! BUT, as it was a Basic Grey paper that did the deed I can forgive!

Sunday, 11 February 2007

For Heavens Sake!!

There I was, sitting in the garden enjoying looking at the birds in the trees - there are many that visits regularly and I am getting to know them individually which is so cool. There was a brief interlude between rain clouds and the sun was actually shining, so I made the most of it. I even spied a woodpecker, which is the first time ever I have seen one outside Denmark!! Quite amazing that it found its way into London (not that it had journeyed from Denmark of course, but it is normally native to woodland and not a city bird)! It was pecking on a branch like mad, trying to attract a partner perhaps. After a few of it's very distinctive, and loud, cries it unfortunately flew away. Quite uplifted my spirits seeing it though.

So there I sat basking in the wonderment of seeing the woodpecker - picture the moment if you can. My eyes casually wandered to the left, and there they were!! Couldn't get away from them! My neighbours tiny Y-fronts! Now I am sorry but if you hang out your husbands' smalls surely you would keep them below fence level and not fly them like the proverbial flag for all to see??? This washing line is hoisted up on a tall pole so that it hangs about 15 foot in the air - high enough for the entire neighbourhood to see several pairs of dark blue y-fronts and sometimes a pair of US stars and stripes boxers!! NASTY!!!

This is not an isolated incidence you understand, it has been going on for months and months, YEARS! Come rain or shine, winter or summer, there they are!! Now this guy is almost 70 and I am very sorry but I have no wish to see where he packs his meat and teo veg! I get on with them really well but this really IS taking it too far and is an extreme invasion into my peace of mind! It's giving me nightmares!! Brrrrrrrrrrr..................
You have to see it to really appreciate how ghastly it is! Imagine having a summer BBQ and enjoying a friendly conversations with your chums Your eyes gaze slightly to the left and THERE THEY ALWAYS ARE!!! There's just no getting away from them. In my dreams I am chased by several pairs of navy y-fronts and a pair of US stars and stripes boxers!!

Valentines Day

Not written for a few days but really all I have been doing is work, work and work! It's been incredibly busy since the start of 2007 - long may it lasts!

My girls (Aimee 10 and Amber 8) really enjoyed the snow whilst it was here (one day!), I took a few pictures of them in the snow and will have to get my scrapping hat on again soon to capture these rare moments. Shame it was on a working day or I would have taken the girls sledging. I have a sledge that sits unused in the shed! I remember my childhood days in Denmark where we would go sledging, ice skating, build snowmen and igloos all throughout the winter months! We used to wade to school thigh-high in snow! These days global warming have well and truly put paid to all the masses snow in Denmark, it's a crying shame!

And so it is almost Valentines Day. Not sure if I agree with celebrating this day although the sentiment is OK. Show someone you love them - shouldn't you do that every day? Does a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates from your guy make up for a year of sitting on the sofa issuing commands? Not speaking from experience here but I know many women with a bloke like that! It's nice for the teenagers of course who could send a card to someone they secretly fancy. When I had my other shop I always got lots of Valentines cards through the door from secret admirers. I must admit that I secretly enjoyed that. I of course imagined they were from dark, tall, handsome hunky strangers - on reflection they were probably from a bunch of spotty teenage boys having a laugh!

Anyways, I have been having a bit of a relaxing Sunday morning (slap my wrist!) and made some Valentines cards for the site. Here are some of them.