Saturday, 6 October 2007

She's back!!!

My baby is back safe and sound from her school holiday!! Oh how we have missed her! The house has been so quiet and remarkably tidy!! The girls always blame each other for the mess, well now I know who the culprit is!

Aimee had a fabulous time of course and returned with a huge list of activities she had done - good job I wasn't there as I probably wouldn't have allowed half of them! One thing she didn't come back with was her underwear, BECAUSE I DIDN'T GIVE HER ANY!!!! We had initially packed everything in a small case, realised that was too small then re-packed in a larger case. Problem was that Aimee insisted she wanted to do that and she hadn't noticed the underwear I had packed into a side compartment in the bag! Can you believe it? I feel such a bad mummy! Thankfully her best friend had spares so she managed to borrow some, but she had to make do with three pairs for the week (and if you knew Aimee you would know how she would have felt about that!!).

She looked so tired when she returned and fell asleep very early last night on the sofa, bless. Boy, it's good to her her back!!

Here's a picture of when she left.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Masculine Cards

Bit difficult those guys aren't they, and they take that right into card making. It's no coincidence that you rarely see masculine cards in card idea sections, and if you do then they usually have a car, fishing rod, football or boat somewhere. Here's one I made today. It's a digital/normal hybrid and I'm really pleased with it. Not a card, boat, football or fishing rod in sight :o)

Maya Road Velvet Rick Rack, Basic Grey Papers, Tim Holtz Distress Inks, Hot Off The Press Grey Big Brads and Rub-Ons.