Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Yep it's Tuesday. Nothing particularly special about this Tuesday, it's like every other Tuesday really, the day after Monday and the one before Wednesday. Been quite a pleasant day though, most probably because I ordered stacks of new goodies for the shop! So much in fact that I can rightly remember it all now, but it should be coming within the next week. Tomorrow I am expecting a delivery of K&Co's new Christmas range Peppermint Twist so I better enter it all on the website tonight - that's another late one for me then!
As you all seem to be making Christmas cards I thought I'd make one too, my first one this year! Took one picture and the batteries went in the camera!! I hunted high and low but I haven't got any more so this picture will have to suffice. Basic Grey Fruitcake paper, trees and turkey cut on the Silhouette. I used a snow writer to add a little snow to the branches.

... not your conventional Christmas card but someone has got to speak up for the turkey!!

Monday, 10 September 2007


Mondays are tough don't you think? Today has been incredibly hard to get through, I really needed that extra weekend I asked for yesterday! For a start I found it incredibly difficult to get up, and usually I'm up as soon as I open my eyes! Has someone put something in the water? Since then it has been a monstrous effort to just get through each minute of the day! I must have an early night tonight! Problem is that something seems to happen around 10pm and PING I'm in the wide awake club!

I took some pictures of my new UKS Retailers CJ. Here are a few snippets. Can't post more just in case one of them peeps ;o)

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Where did the weekend go??

Wow, that weekend went by in a flash! ANOTHER ONE PLEASE!! I have been busy working on a new CJ for the UKS retailers circle and it took me the entire weekend! Friday I went to bed about 2:30 and last night about the same! Still, it's finished and ready to send tomorrow. Next time I wont leave it till the last minute! I can't show you any pictures from the CJ just yet but I'll post them on here at some stage.

I got some films developed that was taken with a "normal conventional" camera. They were from Christmas but better late than never! Scanned quality is not good and I so much prefer my digital camera, but I'll leave you with one picture of me - obviously after, ahem, a few drinks! Oh deary deary me!!!!