Sunday, 9 September 2007

Where did the weekend go??

Wow, that weekend went by in a flash! ANOTHER ONE PLEASE!! I have been busy working on a new CJ for the UKS retailers circle and it took me the entire weekend! Friday I went to bed about 2:30 and last night about the same! Still, it's finished and ready to send tomorrow. Next time I wont leave it till the last minute! I can't show you any pictures from the CJ just yet but I'll post them on here at some stage.

I got some films developed that was taken with a "normal conventional" camera. They were from Christmas but better late than never! Scanned quality is not good and I so much prefer my digital camera, but I'll leave you with one picture of me - obviously after, ahem, a few drinks! Oh deary deary me!!!!


Louly said...

PMSL! You should have a warning on this post; Don't scroll down unless you have already been for a wee!" Thanks Karen, you've really made me laugh!

Juliet said...

I agree - brilliant photograph Karen. Have you decided on the journallling for this one???? I am sure we could come up with something if you like! lol

Karen said...

Yeah well, LOL. Glad it made you giggle.
Perhaps I should make it the subject of my next competition! Scrap a layout using this picture!

Mellie said...

ROFPMSL That'a a very erm glamorous photo there Karen. Can't wait for the comp, composing my title and journalling as we speak LOL