Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I have got to show you THE most gorgeous box of chocolates I was lucky enough to receive this Christmas! I didn't know whether to eat it or scrap it!! It was given to me by one of my favourite customers; even the box was juicy and closed with a quiet quality sound. My daughter Aimee took these pictures as I wouldn't let them have a taster until I some pictures. I wondered what the heck she was doing as she built a backdrop and contorted into awkward positions with my camera! She's a real chocoholic and you have to guard your chocolate stash like it was the crown jewels! This box was consumed very very slowly and every mouthful savoured; mostly by me it has to be said, as I shoved the Quality Street's the children's way to keep their insatiable appetite reasonably sated. I think fine chocolate is wasted on the under 20's - under 30's come to that. Let me tell you that the taste was everything I expected, and more. The pictures are really not doing it justice.

Damn fine, yes?

Here is my little thank you note that I sent in return. My daughter proclaimed it to be "too plain" though so I added some "other bits" before sending. Only when she was happy with it did it leave with the postie.

Actually I think this finest of boxes of chocolates deserve a little scrapping. Hang on whilst I go put something together................

....OK, here is my little tribute to my oh so fine box of chocolates.

What is it with us women and our relationship to chocolate? ;-)

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Blog Candy Winner

I really really wish you could all win. So many of you have left lovely comments and I am definitely coming to pay you a visit as soon as I can. Thank you all for linking to the give-away from your sites. Don't despair if you don't win, I'll have some more blog candy soon, I promise :o)

Here is the winner:

Congratulations number 37 - JOEY. Please email me your address HERE

Karen xxx

'ave a Laugh...........

I love cards and projects that make me smile; as I was setting the challenge on Dottie's World today I decided that the theme should be to "'have a laugh":

"Start the New Year with a Laugh" . I simply want to see "something funny" on your project, what you use and how you make it is up to you.

I want to encourage our download customers to experiment with their downloads, play around with them and give them your own personal touch. That is what's so bloody marvelous about the downloads, they are so simple to use as well as flexible and pliable - mould them to your requirements.

I created two examples for this challenge; both uses the download images - but the heads are replaced by real life people.
In this first one I used two Dottie images: Fairy Godmother Dottie from the Dress up Dottie collection got Amber's head, and Office Dottie, from the Dottie at Work collection, received Aimee's head. Aimee and Amber are of course my daughters.

The second example uses one of the images from the new Girl About Town collection - with my little Charmed forum friend Shell's lovely head. It's Shell's birthday tomorrow and this is my card to her. I always imagine Shell surrounded by animals, thus I placed a menagerie of animals all around her here. I also added her name to each parcels on the stack of packages on the bench.

I think it's hilarious when you swap the heads like that ;-)
Karen xxx
My blog candy winner will be announced tonight!