Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I have got to show you THE most gorgeous box of chocolates I was lucky enough to receive this Christmas! I didn't know whether to eat it or scrap it!! It was given to me by one of my favourite customers; even the box was juicy and closed with a quiet quality sound. My daughter Aimee took these pictures as I wouldn't let them have a taster until I some pictures. I wondered what the heck she was doing as she built a backdrop and contorted into awkward positions with my camera! She's a real chocoholic and you have to guard your chocolate stash like it was the crown jewels! This box was consumed very very slowly and every mouthful savoured; mostly by me it has to be said, as I shoved the Quality Street's the children's way to keep their insatiable appetite reasonably sated. I think fine chocolate is wasted on the under 20's - under 30's come to that. Let me tell you that the taste was everything I expected, and more. The pictures are really not doing it justice.

Damn fine, yes?

Here is my little thank you note that I sent in return. My daughter proclaimed it to be "too plain" though so I added some "other bits" before sending. Only when she was happy with it did it leave with the postie.

Actually I think this finest of boxes of chocolates deserve a little scrapping. Hang on whilst I go put something together................

....OK, here is my little tribute to my oh so fine box of chocolates.

What is it with us women and our relationship to chocolate? ;-)


Hazel (Didos) said...

mmmm what a lovely gift, I think i would just be looking at them and having the occasional sniff of the yummy choccy smell. Hazel xox

maddy hill said...

Karen what a gorgeous box of choccys you lucky girl !

and you are not just a talented card makier but scrapper too ! love love that layout its well fab !

maddy - x

Rachelxx said...

Ooooh those chocies look divine - They look good scrapped too :-)

Rosanne said...

They look sooo goood!!! Love the layout too!

Juliet said...

Beautiful chocolates, never seen them before decorated with Christmas things. Love the LO you did Karen.
Juliet xx

Karen Mortensen said...

Well Christmas and chocolate does go really well together Juliet, don't you think? Could you imagine a Christmas WITHOUT chocolate? perish the thought!
And this was a Christmas pressie :-)

Lois said...

Happy New Year Karen!
Are boxes of chocolate that look like that legal? I think it's a crime that they make them look so good. Mind you I would still eat them because it would be more of a crime to waste perfectly good food.
I love the thank you card and the Christmas cards too!
Have a great weekend.

Chris said...

Such delectable chocolates Karen and I know how it feels to have to guard the good ones with your life!!! I'm glad you savoured those moments. Love your 'thank you' card and fine scrapbook page, I'm drooling just looking at it. Chris x

Sammi said...

oooh... yummo!!
Great photos and I LOVE the page you scrapped and what a wonderful thank-you card!!!

Louly said...

Oh my oh my karen! It just goes to proved how dearly loved you are. These chocolates look devine, I think I would have shoved the quality streets in the diriction of my childen too, especialy Holly who iss a complete chocolate addict.
The card and LO are gorgeous.

Glitter Girl said...

yum they are making me hungry!!!!
The only thing i have found that chocolate does not go with is bourbon ....eeeekkkk

Helena said...

mmmmh, they look sooo delish!!!
Love the layout that you made of them!!!


sandra@gottacraft.co.uk said...

I just love your layout in honour of your chocolates :) And what lovely looking chocolate they look too.