Sunday, 4 January 2009

'ave a Laugh...........

I love cards and projects that make me smile; as I was setting the challenge on Dottie's World today I decided that the theme should be to "'have a laugh":

"Start the New Year with a Laugh" . I simply want to see "something funny" on your project, what you use and how you make it is up to you.

I want to encourage our download customers to experiment with their downloads, play around with them and give them your own personal touch. That is what's so bloody marvelous about the downloads, they are so simple to use as well as flexible and pliable - mould them to your requirements.

I created two examples for this challenge; both uses the download images - but the heads are replaced by real life people.
In this first one I used two Dottie images: Fairy Godmother Dottie from the Dress up Dottie collection got Amber's head, and Office Dottie, from the Dottie at Work collection, received Aimee's head. Aimee and Amber are of course my daughters.

The second example uses one of the images from the new Girl About Town collection - with my little Charmed forum friend Shell's lovely head. It's Shell's birthday tomorrow and this is my card to her. I always imagine Shell surrounded by animals, thus I placed a menagerie of animals all around her here. I also added her name to each parcels on the stack of packages on the bench.

I think it's hilarious when you swap the heads like that ;-)
Karen xxx
My blog candy winner will be announced tonight!


Juliet said...

Karen, these are AMAZING cards - I love the way you put real faces on there and Shell's card is just perfect for her! Absolutely love both these!!!

Adele said...

Oh WOW, love them Karen- such fun, such detail. Simply wonderful.

love Dingle.xx

Nicky said...

Wonderful, what a great idea to use real peoples heads, I love them both but the one with all the animals is my favoutite.

Louly said...

Oh flippin eck! In nearly did PMSL with these! Karen you are a riot!
I would never have thought odf doing this before but doesn't it work well! they remind me of The Angela Anaconda cartoon that Holly used to watch.
Shell is going to love her card - you've put so much thought into it to make it all about her.

Crafting Joanne said...

Lol..brilliant Karen, what a fun fab idea. Joanne x

Sara said...

Cute ideas. What a great way to personalise cards.


Cazzy said...

Nice cards Karen, haven't used my downloads yet and may have lost them with my PC breaking.

I am hoping the hard drive is fine so I can recover them, not sure when I will find out though.

Jac said...

I love these what a fantastic idea, makes me think of the films when you add real life to cartoons such as in who framed Roger Rabbit! what a brilliant idea. x

Emma said...

Brilliant....fantastic idea.
Emma x

Sammi said...

Lol!! ROFL!
These are brilliant Karen!! Love them - what a wonderful idea!!