Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Another Birthday Card

Now you have got to be impressed!!! I have been very good and blogged almost every day! Getting tired of me yet?

It was time to make another birthday card for a mutual friend of the girls. The glaze is not quite dry on it yet but you get the idea. Actually, looking at it here in the picture you can't even see the glaze! Well it's there, so you just have to take my word for it! Nothing makes a child happier than seeing their name on a card - well probably lots of thing would make the child happier but you know what I mean - I therefore always try to incorporate the name within the design.

I realised this morning that there was a complimentary "almost done" page in with a digi kit by the fabolous GinaHuff so I of course had to try it out. I got the girls to perform their cheesy grin look as I couldn't be arsed to hunt around for another picture. This is it, with a few extra elements added by me for good luck. I just LURVE these colours!


Juliet said...

Just one question....How do you get your girls to smile BEFORE going to school?
Beautiful creations again Karen.

Louly said...

I am in love with that card! the doodling is fabulous! what did you use to colour in the doodling? (yellow) and how did you create the bubble? did you draw it or was it a rub on? Sorry for all the questions.