Monday, 5 February 2007

To Frank or not to Frank

How I have pondered, researched then pondered again - Smart stamp, franking or just plain old trips to the post office. I employ someone to take the orders to the post office each day but realised that by using either Smart stamp or Franking, plus Post Office pick-up, I could save about a £1000 a year!!

So, after much deliberation I decided to be frank and frank! I've just set the machine up and in the process lost £20! So make that a saving of £980!! Of course I have to buy special ink and labels for the machine, both are outrageously expensive, so that makes it a saving of .... no, I don't even want to think about it! I've done it and that's it! First collection is due next Monday but the pick-up guy Lee, a sweet man with luverly rosie cheeks, came along today thinking he was starting the pick-up now! Give me a chance to get organised why don't you!!

Anyways, it's quite exciting in a nerdy sort of way, but also a bit scary. I am now relying on a piece of machinery to get the orders out! If it breaks down it means trips to the Post Office again. Don't even go there! Wish me luck!!!

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