Monday, 5 February 2007

Second Post!

I'm motoring now!! Just wanted to tell you about a couple of pesky neighbourhood squirrels. I have this long plastic bird feed thingie that you fill and hang on a tree. I have been amazed how quickly the nuts have disappeared and felt good that I was obviously feeding a whole flock of birds!! How wrong was I! Happened to look out of the window and saw two squirrels doing some quite amazing acrobatics to get the nuts. Kept my eye on them and in one afternoon they polished off a whole tube! Clearly it had been them and not the birds who had been feasting!!

I didn't feel too kindly towards the furry little critters as they had already polished off all my tubs of crocuses - keep an eye on that, they dig them out and eat the bulbs!! Thus I pondered and pondered on how to beat them in the nuts war!

I have a rose that winds down in an arch. Well I removed all the thorns in certain places so that a bird could hop towards the feeder. It was a labour of love let me tell you! Surely the squirrels couldn't get to them now? I watched the frustrated nut stealing attempts from afar and am happy to report that they didn't manage to get a single nut! YEAH!! The birds now eat the nuts and the squirrels make do with the all spring flower bulbs in the neighbourhood.

Incidentally we all have peanut trees growing in the gardens! Wont have any spring flowers but at least we will have home grown peanuts for Christmas! Ce la vie!

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