Monday, 17 September 2007

How bizarre!!

My blog admin pages have decided to be bi-lingual! Most is in English but some is now in German! After posting I get asked if I want to view the blog in "einem neuen fenster"! Never seen that before! A little German Saurkraut gremlin in the works there me thinks!
I'm not well. I'm dead tired (the fact that I stayed up until 2:30 has nothing to do it!!), got a really sore throat and ear ache to boot! I cannot get ill, got too much to do! Just had a cup of Flue Plus so hopefully that'll do the trick.

HA HA HA, Amber is funny. She's just sitting there chatting (she's a right chatterbox) and just came out with "today at lunchtime I did a MAHUSIVE fart! It just went on and on" - "mahusive" is her new word for "massive". I'm sitting here laughing with tears in my eyes. The things children come out with!

OK, here's another card I did with Peppermint Twist Holiday Quilt paper. I cut the tree from leftover paper and matted it on some leftover BG Fruitcake Plaid paper (the reverse side). Just had some Funky Christmas Brads in so added one of those. Peppermint Twist Grand Adhesions and Chipboard are on there too, plus Dovecraft ribbons.

You can't see it but the paper is glittery. Here's is one with the flash on, the glitter is MAHUSIVELY exaggerated but at least you can see that it's there.

Right, I'm off to finish off what work I need to do then an early night for me! You do know I'm telling you this so I can get some sympathy don't you? Boohoo, poor me!


Marlou said...

this is a gorgeous card :)

Mellie said...

LOL glad it wasn't only me that got that yesterday then.
Love the card, very pretty.

Louly said...

That's a mahusively fantastic card Karen! I love everything about it. Hope you feel better tomorrow chuck.

Helen & Co. said...

Gorgeous gorgeous card!