Saturday, 22 September 2007


Batteries are like men, there's is never one around when you really need it (sorry, couldn't resist). I go through an extraordinary amount of batteries, which can't be good for my carbon footprint! All they have to do is make them last longer!! I'm sure it can be done! It's like cars, they could make cars that do not run on petrol and lasts forever, but of course the government would lose a mountain of cash in revenues and the car manufacturers would sit twiddling their thumbs. Batteries are relatively small in comparison but they must make an almost equal mountain of cash from them as I seem to spend the equivalent of my mortgage on them every month!

Every bloody thing needs them - the PC's mouse, loads of the girls games (Xbox, Nintendo DS's, Wii, Don't wake Dad game and so on), remote controllers, portable fans, and so on. The list goes on and on. I know exactly what has batteries in my house because right now none of them has any!! I have emptied each and every gadget in the house in my constant quest to satisfy my insatiable digital camera! This annoying twit drinks battery juice like a alcoholic deprived of drink for a month and out on a bender! Use the flash and you can maybe get 20 pictures out of it - if you're lucky!
I'll get off my sopabox now and go apply for a loan to buy some more batteries. Until the loan is approved I guess I wont be posting any more pictures!


Juliet said...

PMSL, doesn't it take rechargeables?
When Santa brings your new camera for Christmas make sure you get one with a docking station - my camera goes 2 weeks of constant use without recharging and then just plonk it in the docking station:-) Hope this helps you reduce your carbon footprint and mountain of debt!!!

Louly said...

Great idea Juliet, infact I was going to say the same thing, either that or by battery charger which will come in handy for all your other gadgets too. You are funny Karen, thanks for making me giggle again.