Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Sun has got his hat on!!!!

The sun is out! It’s actually there in sky! I saw it! It’s so good to feel the warmth of its rays upon my frozen shoulders! So I took my cup of coffee outside and sat there eyes closed, face tilted toward the sky. Peaceful too of course as my girls have yet to return from their holiday in Devon (they are coming back tomorrow, YAY!). I do miss them dreadfully but by the sounds of it they are having stacks of fun. Can’t wait to see the piccies of their trip, I’ll pop some on here when I get them developed. They each took one of those throwaway cameras so we’ll probably have lots of blurry pictures of Devon scenery!

Whilst I was enjoying my coffee in the garden I started thinking about what actually makes a good card maker/scrapper – as you do when you sit in the garden with a cup of coffee, eyes closed, face tilted towards the sky. There is of course the obvious artist, those people fortunate enough to be able to put pen to paper and actually come out with something incredible, and not merely something resembling an infant school project! Then there are the people who are good at putting things together. You will find that the people in that group have fab homes, as opposed to the other half whose homes invoke a “WHOA! What happened in HERE??” response. These people are usually good at creating also.

My father was a wonderful artist; I still have some of his magnificent paintings. I used to think that I took after him and was quite a confident drawer. Because I didn’t draw for years that has completely gone! Where the heck it went I have no idea! These days when I try to draw a horse for example it looks more like a bedraggled mongrel whose mother copulated with a truly horrifying alien being! It’s so weird, in my mind I picture this perfect horse but the action of moving that image from my mind to my fingers somehow erases half the horse and replaces it with something totally unrecognisable! I think my imagination has taken a leap from such a height that it has no chance of ever recovering!!

So in my opinion those are the two types of people who have the ability to create something truly exceptional. But does it matter? We all think our own projects are worthy of displaying to the masses and truly that is all that matters! We enjoy creating, and we enjoy giving someone something that we made, and the recipient in turn enjoy receiving a personal card or album created just for them. Lets face it, we can all go to Woollies and grab a card of the shelf, it’s the time and the love we put into our little creations that make them all so very special.

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Louly said...

I couldn't agree with you more Karen. You have a real flare with your writing, I love to read what you have to say and you always make me chuckle.