Saturday, 25 August 2007

Digital Scrapping...

Scrapping for me involves several mountains of unorganised stash and continuous hunting for an item I just had seconds ago! It revolves around a table that slowly but surely disappears under piles of paper, fibres, buttons, adhesives, pens, scissors, paper trimmer, Quickutz Silhouette and a ton of other stuff. You only realise the mess exists when you have to carefully push things around to make room for your 10th cup of coffee!! It involves ink on your arms and glue under your fingernails. It involves a considerable amount of swearing when the letters you have carefully cut out refuses to leave your fingers and stay on the paper! It involves ignoring everything else around you for several hours, neglecting the house and the kids, and leaving them to fend for themselves whilst you battle with threading fibre through tiny eyelets! But it also involves a huge amount of satisfaction when you finish the project!

Digi scrapping is sooooooo easy! No mess, very quick, put-your-feet-up and click, drag, drop away until you have a presentable layout in a fraction of the time it would take to thread that fibre through tiny eyelets! Do you get the same satisfaction? No you don't, but it's nevertheless great fun. I spent several hours on a small double layout for a CJ I am in (OK, I'm slow, I know it!). It took me about an hour to create the two digi layouts below..... Spot the difference? It will never take the place of conventional scrapping but as a quick fix it's unbeatable!

This first digi layout really is all about how great it is just to be yourself and chill out, without worrying what you look like.


Louly said...

These are amazing Karen! I've tried digital scrappng but I just don't know where to begin. I'd like to make a cool blog banner like yours but just don't know how.

Juliet said...

Absolutely gorgeous Karen!

bubblegum said...

Really love blog banner you made for Lou - stunning.
Your LO's are fab, digi scrapbooking does seem very appealing at the mo to me, maybe I'll give it a go.

Debbie x