Friday, 24 August 2007

I'm on a Roll!!

Crikey, I'm blogging like the clappers now! Well and truly got me skates on! I guess the nomination as a Rockin' Girl Blogger reminded me that I actual have a blog that perhaps I should update once in a while!
Here's a confession, I never read blogs. They have become so popular these days and there are no doubt many good ones out there, but I only check out the odd few belonging to people I actually know. I am going to make a point of reading more of the crafty blogs that are out there, perhaps they will inspire me to write more in this one!

I had to make a birthday card for my brother last night so decided I might as well make it into a class. I have had so many lovely email from people who really are getting something from the classes, and oh that pleases me no end.

Basic Grey Obscure background paper, with Basic Grey Infuse paper thrown in for good measure. K&Company Light Ideas "Happy Birthday".

Must tell you about my nice little surprise yesterday. My girls, Aimee and Amber, are in Devon with their dad - their mum unfortunately had to stay behind and work. They are having glorious weather down there and spending much of their time in the sea - what a difference a few hundred miles make eh!! Here it is raining, cold and minus 50! OK slight exaggeration, but it's COLD and we haven't seen the sun for gawd knows how long!

Anyway, I digress. So yesterday a guy turns up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I consulted my internal checklist but as far as I could see it wasn't my birthday, nor had I done anything deserving of flowers. Well it was from my little Devon clan who apparently misses me like crazy! It quite made my day, and quite deserving of some pictures :o)

We have a sunflower growing in the garden which is showing no sign of blooming; there isn't even anything on it remotely resembling a flower head! The girls each brought home a cup of soil from cubs and all the children entered into this competition about who could grow the largest sunflower over the summer holiday. Well this pure excuse for a sunflower wont even get a sniff of the prize! It resembles a runner bean more than one of the flowers in my lovely bouquet. We should have two growing (did you work that out?) but after watering Amber's cup of dirt for weeks nothing seemed to happen. I investigated and it turned out to be just that, a cup of dirt! The dozy woman whose job it was to insert the seeds had skipped Amber's! Aimee is happy to share though so the strange green thing resembling a runner bean belongs to them both!

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Louly said...

OMG! I'm getting sentemental in my old age, you just brought a tear to my eye. What a lovely surprise it must have been, and they're so beautiful too couldn't you tape one of those sunflowers to the top of your plant? I'm sure no body will notice.
I love your circle card(you can never have too much basic grey lol)and I'm pleased to hear you've had good feedback about the classes.