Saturday, 30 August 2008


I do believe we have a bit of summer!! What a shame it wasn't like this when my girls went with their dad to Devon for the week! They had a whole two hours surfing in the sea and quoted it as the highlight from the week, bless. Give them a surfboard, the sea, and a warmish climate, and they are as happy as pigs in poo! So this bit of summer came two weeks too late. Just look at this Devon beach in the middle of August, just one of my girls crawling up, totally deserted apart from them. :

When Aimee was buried in the sand in this picture she wore her bodysuit!

Good job they had this absolutely gorgeous villa to relax in - just check out the garden!! There were four patio areas alone! Yes, that little bridge is part of the garden!

It was MASSIVE!!!

The house (and you should see it inside:

Gorgeous eh? The moral of the story is this: make sure you have a gorgeous place to stay if holidaying in Britain as the weather is bound to be totally cr*p the week you go (insert wry smile here).

Changing the subject completely here is a quick example card I just made using one of my baby sentiment circles. Light is rubbish at the moment so I'll replace when I can.

Products used here:
  • Imaginisce Baby Powder paper "Tiny Tantrum" (Doublesided and both sides are used here)
  • Imaginisce Pink Polished Pebble Brad
  • Basic Grey Pink Brad
  • Imaginsce Baby Powder Ribbon
  • White Acrylic Paint (for around the scallops)
  • 3-D Embellishments "Pastel Zoo Animals".

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Sarah C said...

Looks like they had a fantastic time on hols. The photos are amazing and the house ~ woweeeeeee. Great place for a week-end crop me thinks, so when are we all going?? Hmmm..........

I love the card you've made. It's so sweet xxx