Wednesday, 4 August 2010

CJ Time!

I can't believe it is CJ5 on the Charmed forum - five circles, five years - where did that time go? I love doing these circles with my lovely Charmed friends, they are a fantastic bunch of people.

So last weekend I created my journal, and yesterday I tearfully waved it bon voyage. In almost one years time it will be returned to me filled with wonderful pages; I can't wait!

Can't show you my journal in case the girls are watching, but here are some sneaky peeks. My theme this time was "Self Portrait":

Crikey it's bucketing it down out there! We haven't had much rain later, and God knows the lawn needs a little moisture, but it looks like the big guy upstairs has decided to give us the whole lot in one go! Are you seeing any lasting sunshine where you are? I don't just mean a little teaser now and again, I mean golden rays all day, no interruptions! If you live in the UK I bet your answer will be a resounding no! It's been warm yes, but most days have been overcast and grey with no wind, quite opressive really, especially here in London where I live. Oh well, perhaps it'll get better :-)

Bye for now. Thanks for visiting the Charmed corner of the WWW :-)

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