Monday, 5 July 2010

ATC Cards

If you have never tried making ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) then why not have a go and join a swap? I bet there is one going on most craft forums, and I also bet you're going to enjoy creating them. The size of a playing card they are great fun to make. We have our July swap on the Charmed forum and I set the theme, choosing Country/Primitive. Unfortunately due to a complete absence of working memory I had left mine till the last minute, they should arrive at the host today, instead mine will be sent today - oops.

But there is a silver lining, I had forgotten to watch Vampire Diaries so could watch that on the iplayer whilst creating, yay!!! End of the series now, can't wait for it to start again. That's another programme that I wish I had watched from the beginning. Iplayer is fandabbydosy don't ya think? Fanbloodytastic for people like me who never seem to have the time/forget to watch it first time around! Which reminds me, must check out to see what's available from Come Dine with me - I am totally hooked on that programme, although Mr Narrator is becoming a tad too patronising and sarcastic. Still, he still manages to crack me up at times despite his now total lack of diplomacy :-)

I digress, back to my ATC cards. The swap called for three cards and I just made them all virtually identical. Too much effort to think about making them different. I drew a typical primitive border, added a funky chicken and sentiment, stamped a few hearts on the background, and added a little gingham ribbon and a country button tied with twine. I used Copic markers to colour everything in.

Mustn't forget to tell you about Eclipse that I watched yesterday - IT'S FAB!!!!! Go see it girls, you'll love it! Best of the three that's for sure. Plenty of action, plenty of bated breaths, plenty of lurve. Definitely one I want to see again and shall buy when the DVD is released. Big thumbs up from me and my girls.

Thanks for visiting, have a g-r-e-a-t week! x


Larisa said...

So nice cards )))) I love the way the chickens are made how)))

lemonade said...

Good job! I loved your cards!!!!! Are you exchanging them?

Crafty Chris said...

Great ATC's beautiful colours, I use to do it but then the girl stopped doing it, so havent made any since, love these.
Christine x

Auntie Em said...

Love your ATC cards! I have played around with making them but not ready to start trading....maybe someday!
Thanks for sharing your ideas! :o)

Maz said...

Lovely ATCs, they're something I've never got round to but perhaps I'll give them a go! I too love Come Dine With Me...great to see Eclipse next week - it's my favourite book of the series so looking forward to seeing what they've done with the film...x

Karen@CCC said...

Thanks for your kind comments girls xx

Yes Lemonade, these are for exchanging on the Charmed forum :-)

Hope you enjoy the film Maz, it's fab!

lemonade said...

Oh! I don't know about the Charmed forum! We exchange ATC with girls from other blogs just visiting blogs, leaving comments)))If you wish to exchange - we could do it - I just don't have those Cinderella cards any more - but I'm designing another series dedicated to my kid's third birthday))))