Friday, 12 June 2009

Teenage Fairy

Cor! All this triple posting is wearing me out! I have to post the card to my own blog though because otherwise this blog will sit all empty and forlorn. Can't have that!

I'm loving the new Charmed Pocket Fairy collection, designed by our Louise. As you know I have been showcasing the new images and here is another - this one is great for all you Gorjuss lovers out there. It's the little Rosebud Fairy. Well Rosebud is growing up and here she is as a teenager, complete with attitude! She has even dyed her pink petals black, much to the chagrin of her long-suffering parents.

She looks like butter wouldn't melt but as we know looks can be very deceiving where teenagers are concerned! That was why I thought my sentiment was very fitting, what do you think?

My 12 year old daughter didn't think that was a good sentiment (well truth be told she didn't understand it), we had a real "huh" moment this morning' so I hastily arranged another sentiment just for her. I shall be including these sentiments in the bundle but will make them a little nicer looking, just for you :-)

Initially I had coloured in another little Rosebud Fairy, and as I had one hand on the iron, another in the washing-up bowl and a third busy entering the VAT accounts, I passed her to DH along with a pair of scissors - BIG mistake! Unbeknown to me he cut into her face and neck, then in sheer panic grabbed what he thought was a flesh coloured marker (it was dark grey) and coloured in to try and cover his mistake. Result, a total mash-up!

Wont make that mistake again!

I hope you like the card. It took me a long time to make that tree - have you ever tried to stick down LOADS of paper bits with your fingers getting more and more glued up? I kept washing my hands but still managed to get everything stuck to my fingers.

Here is what I used on my card:
Image: Rosebud Fairy To be released soon, only from Charmed Cards & Crafts
Papers: Mushroom Land paper by K&Co Berry Sweet. AC plain cardstock in various colours
Embellishments: K&Co Wild Raspberry Daisy Border with bright pink Imaginice brads.
I coloured the tree, sentiments and Fairy with Copic maker pens
Wings and tree branches are embellished with crystal Stickles. Branches were cut with a punch.

Oh and here comes something totally unrelated. I have noticed a trend towards using lowercase 'i' when referring to oneself. Instead of writing "...and then I went", I see "...and then i went". What is that all about? I haven't said anything as I just thought, "ho hum", but I now see it more and more. It this some sort of "in thing" that I am unaware of? It has become one of my pet peeves - don't ask me why, but it irks. OK, I'll remove my grammar hat now LOL
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Littlebear said...

More fab fairies and your tree is fantastic. I hadn't noticed the "i's" but I bet I'll see them everywhere now. I'm the kind of person who punctuates her texts so I'm with you on this one!
Clare x

Lea said...

Aww this is a lovely little fairy and I agree, the tree is fabulous!

You have my sympathy with a 12 year old hormonial female - I only had a boy so I sort of count myself lucky lol!

I'm definitely with you on the "I" versus "i" thing. I hate bad grammar and I hate all this trendy lets not bother with capital letters anymore thing.

I punctuate my texts to, and I text in English as opposed to the 2moro gang.

Nicki said...

These fairies are just so gorgeous! love this card, its beautiful

sukes7 said...

brilliant card, definately worth the messy fingers I love it luv sue x

Sammi said...

Hi Karen!!
These little pocket fairies are sooo gorgeous! They are adorable... and I just love the cards you have been making with them!
Next time pass hubby the iron and the washing up brush :)

Jackie said...

Love the card, great image. I agree with the "i versus I" thing wholeheartedly :o)
Jackie xx


gOOD MORNING KAREN this is such a lovely card i am loving this fairy, all these new fairies are adorable, but this one has to be my favourite so far. She certainly looks like she has attitude and resembles my ten year old daughter. That tree looks fabulous, but you had me smiling thinking of you with glued up fingers. I am often looking like that when im sticking gems! can not wait to get my hand on these little darlings! hugs Linda x

Holly said...

I LOVE that tree! It is just fabulous and really makes the whole card. Wish I had a third hand like you! LOL!

Jan McC said...

Oh my goodness, I am so happy to know there are other people that hate the way people mash English!! My grandchildren, teens to early twenties never let me forget I was "trying" to correct their grammar as they were growing up. On to your cards, which are absolutely lovely. I am trying to find a way to get stamps, as I live in U.S. Keep up the great fun little people.

Jessica said...

He he I am with you on the i thing, sometimes I accidently miss one and have to go back after posting and fix it up.

And that tree is absolutley fantastic!

Doodles said...

Beautiful colouring on these cards simply stunning i thought pro markers had been great but i can tell the ones your using are wonderful.
very nice and very talented card maker