Saturday, 18 October 2008

My Baby Returns!!!

My baby has returned safe and sound from her school journey. I have missed her unbelievably but she has had a good time and has returned with just a wee bruise on her knee; which isn't at all bad considering the amount of activities. My mind conjured up broken limps and black eyes throughout the week and each time the phone rang I expected the worst; thank the lord my fears were unfounded. Well almost......

Apparently the holiday didn't start too well as the coach driver was totally incompetent and crashed the coach two miles down the road!! They then had to sit in a church year for FIVE HOURS until another coach was available, or rather another coach driver as they, thank goodness, insisted on another. Eventually they got to the place about 10:30pm totally worn out!
Here is a picture of Amber when setting off.

Amber also accidentally got left behind in a cave and screamed in anguish of the total blackness surrounding her! She said she had never been so scared in her life! The consequences of that is that she now has to have a light on to sleep, but hopefully that will pass in time. Poor little sausage :o(
But she is back, safe and sound and the family is once again complete :o)

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ENJAY said...

Oh Bless her,fancy being left behind! She looks so happy in the pic,hope she is enjoying it a bit more.Nicola.xx