Saturday, 20 September 2008

Secondary School

I hated the thought of my sweet girl starting secondary school and now it has happened I hate it even more! We didn't alas get her into the school of our choice (don't know of any who did!) and she isn't faring too weell three weeks into the first term. It is an unbelievable worry!! It is not her ability that is a worry, she has been placed into all the top groups, it is more the interaction with the other girls, so many girls are downright nasty these days!! I am going to be watching her very carefully, any sign of anything untoward and I'll have her out of there quicker than a very quick thing.

Here she is on the morning of her very first day.

Don't you just want them to stay little forever??


ENJAY said...

Oh Karen, I do hope she will be ok, she is a beauty!! They would be nasty as obviously jealous,she is not only gorgeous but clever too!!

Juliet said...

She's the image of you Karen and looks so grown up! I know what you mean though :-(