Sunday, 2 March 2008

Walk of Shame!

Oh I hang my head in utter shame! What AM I like? I have totally neglected my blog and haven't posted for months! But hey, life tends to get in the way of the things we would like to do and we end up doing just the things we have to do.

I have been awarded an "E for Excellent" by the lovely Lou. This was tongue in cheek obviously and designed as a much needed kick up the backside!

Thank you Lou, it worked! I'm back!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back oh great leader lol!

Sarah C said...

Hey, she's back! Woohoo, hang out the banners, blow up the balloons. Must be a good excuse for a party surely ROFL

Missed you here cos I had nothig new to read or see. Well done Lou, it worked LOL

xxx :-)

Louly said...

PMSL It wasn't totally tongue in cheek! I do think your blog deserves an E for exellent.