Sunday, 21 October 2007

Making room for a piano... not easy task! But it is one that somehow has presented itself to me! Although not exactly a grand piano it is a sizable beast and it's proving a difficult task.

The girls have started piano lesson and need to be able to practise of course. So I have ordered them a digital piano (half price so quite a bargain). I ordered in haste and have spent much time measuring various gaps to find a home (should have measured first then ordered to suit!). The past two hours have been spent moving things around and I think we finally have a home for it. Now of course I am sooo looking forward to the arguments about whose turn it is to practise. I wonder if my local hypermarket sell ear plugs!

Had time to make a card though. I love the DCWV Once papers and used a couple here. Round shape and flourish cut on my Silhouette. Basic Grey Urban Couture ribbon.


Louly said...

Ooooh lush! I love those papers too. I love that bumpy circle, did you do it on your Silhouette?

Juliet said...

Magical card Karen - love the flourish.

Karen said...

Yes it's done on the Silhouette. It's the same one (I think) that you used on one of your recent cards (Smile card?).
I really love this card, it's much nicer in RL though.