Saturday, 29 September 2007


Thank you Lou for tagging me LOL This means I have to put my thinking cap on; after a hard weeks work that aint no easy task!

4 places I have worked:
Austin Reed, Regents Street in London's west end for two years. Posh mens wear shop so got to fiddle with loads of masculine bods!
Haseltine Primary School, Sydenham London. Special Needs for two years. This was a tough job and so heart breaking. I worked with children who had been abused in one way or another.
My luverly gorgeous shop that I had for several years. I sold lots of unusual cards, dried flowers, gifts and lots more. It's was fabarooney!
Owner of Charmed Cards & Crafts (current). Probably the hardest I have ever worked!

4 Places I have lived:
Struer, Denmark (where I am from)
Stockport, Manchester (for 6 months when I first came to England at 17)
No other places

4 Places I have visited:
Countries other than Denmark and England I assume, so
Corfu (for several months - heaven!)

4 Favourite Foods:
Bøf med løg (work that one out)
Roast beef or pork ( can't beat a good Sunday roast!)
Anything with cream, from whipped cream to creamy sauces. I just lurve cream (my hips hate it unfortunately)
Freshly baked bread with Lurpak butter (my hips will disagree on this one also).

4 Places I would rather be:
Denmark, sitting with my brother having one of our cosy chats
Denmark eating lots of lovely food
Denmark walking round all the familiar places

Now for the difficult part. I have to tag four people. As I'm not a great reader of blogs that's going to be tough.

These are my chosen ones (sorry guys HA HA HA):



Roz said...

Oh thanks for the tag, will have to think about this one. and thanks for your support as well. xx

Louly said...

Thanks for playing Karen. So i'm guessing you'd quite like to be back in Denmark right now then, oh and what's 'b0f med l0g?

Mellie said...

I'd have a guess at beef with ..... something, but I'm not sure about the something. I tried to think of it with the swedish equivilent but couldn't. lol.